A fairground has the ability to unpack itself, filling a once-vacant parking lot with explosions of joy and discovery. In the next moment, it is gone, packed away with the same ease with which it arrived. 
This series of books, held together by their box, aims to mimic the fairground in its form and emotion. The colors, the playfulness, the structures. It also aims to capture the feelings evoked in such a place – the dream-like quality, the oversaturation, and the memories that last.
When placed on a table for an audience, these pieces transcend their personal narrative to an interactive experience, unique for each person. The two-dimensional pieces reform as three-dimensional sculptures, weaving among each other on a shared landscape, with the ability to unpack and refold as a fairground does.

Bears (woodcut), Ferris wheel (silkscreen), Carousel (silkscreen, linocut), Cotton Candy (silkscreen), Box (book board and linen).
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