My grandmother always makes lox for the holidays, and my Scandinavian family never shows up to a special event without fish in hand.

This is meal is a fish-forward banquet inspired by eating side-by-side with strangers and loved ones, sharing stories across the table as loaves of bread get passed back and forth, and the cold, salty ocean that we're so lucky to have access to in Maine. I want to invite you to join this casual, outdoors, family-style seating, where the food is just a vessel to share community at the table with one another.


On Monday September 12th we gathered at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The meal began at 5pm and continued until the food was spent and the tablecloth imprinted. It took place on the lawn between two trees by the coast, facing “Ship Cove,” with support and funding from Care-full Histories in tandem with Gabriel Chalfin-Piney.
The second fish picnic followed on Monday July 17, 2023 at Maine Audubon (Gilsland Farm) in Falmouth, with a third lovely event taking place in the Picnic Shelter at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth on Monday, September 11, 2023.
We are excited to see how fish picnic continues to grow in 2024. 
Photos beautifully captured by Emma Scudder.
Photos beautifully captured by Madeline Harris.
Photos beautifully taken by Katie Schonewolf.
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