Harvesting and nurturing, preserving and processing – slow and meticulous transformations. 
 This body is a direct response to the quiet, domestic moments I found solace in during the last year of new, at-home routines. Chopping vegetables for dinner and saving their discards for stock, de-husking goldenberries in a fluid pinch, or cutting loose each triangular bit of grapefruit flesh from its membrane. No longer productivity driven, but savoring the process.
Goldenberries (reduction woodblock, 14 x 19", edition of 9).

Grapefruit (reduction linocut on Maine-made kozo, edition of 1, 12x17.25", framed).

Millinocket, 4/4/20 (reduction linocut on Rives BFK, edition of 16, 9.25” x 5.75”, framed).

Preservation (wreath made of found, collected, and dried Maine flowers and plants, 15x15").
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